Varieties of Anarchist Entente

Anarchism had hardly been established as a widely used keyword before the struggles over its scope and proper meaning became equally widespread. Indeed, we might say that anarchism became a keyword precisely as an attempt to draw lines between, on the one hand, authoritarian and anti-authoritarian factions in the International and, on the other, the “modern” anti-authoritarian communists and all other anarchistic tendencies. And the widespread divisions gave rise, just as rapidly, to proposals for unity or at least toleration between anarchists if different currents. We might recognize, then, that, alongside the various tendencies defined by proposed economic and social institutions, there has also been a tendency, sharing partisans with nearly all of the other anarchist currents, defined by its struggles to deal with what is most anarchic about anarchism and find means to turn that anarchy into a strength, rather than a weakness. Here, that current, with all of its own internal anarchy, is identified by the phrase “varieties of anarchist entente.” This page will collect material related to the various proposals and their authors. Initially, the links are intended to introduce the major proponents of the various projects, but they will gradually come to focus more specifically on the details of those proposals.

Paul Emile de Puydtpanarchy

Dyer D. Lumcommunal anarchy, etc. —

Ricardo Mellaacracia, anarquismo sin adjetivos

Fernando Tarrida de Mármolacracia, anarquismo sin adjetivos

Max Nettlaumutual tolerance, panarchy, etc. —

E. Armandentente libertaire, entente anarchiste

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  • L’Ère Nouvelle, “L’entente libertaire,” L’Ère nouvelle 3 no. 26 (25 Novembre-1er Décembre 1903): 99-100.
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  • E. Armand, “The Anarchist Entente—A Concrete Proposal” (1928)
  • “Qu’est-ce que l’entente anarchiste ?,” L’en dehors 7 no. 144-145 (mi-Octobre 1928): 4. (Translation (FR/EN): “What is the Anarchist Entente?“)
  • Short Statements on the Anarchist Entente (1928–1929)

Voltairine de Cleyreanarchism without adjectives

Emma Goldman

Volinesynthèse anarchiste

Sébastien Fauresynthèse anarchiste

Fernand Fortinliaison anarchiste

  • Fernand Fortin, “Anarchist Unity or Liaison?Revue Anarchiste No. 21 (Octobre-Décembre 1934): 23-24. (FR/EN)
  • E. Armand, “A propos de la ‘liaison anarchiste’,” La Voix libertaire 8 no. 324 (15 Février 1936): 2.
  • significant debate in La Revue Anarchiste and some in La Voix Libertaire.

[Various]individualisme social, etc. —

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