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Max Nettlau, “The Menace of ‘National Socialism’” (1933)

WHAT is called “national socialism” in present Germany is in fact the ugliest type of anti-socialism. Authority and Monopoly at bay do their worst and are helped in this by the degeneration of authoritarian socialism; under such conditions, the particularly hopeless position of Germany since 1918 and the worldwide crisis setting in three years ago, aided by the callousness which countenanced Italian fascism—this morbid secretion, the by-product of a decaying and dying system originated, and similar secretions will originate everywhere when an old, rotten system is seriously hurt. […]

Working Translations

E. Armand to Max Nettlau, July 20, 1935

Dear camarade,

I received La anarquía á través de los tiempos from Tierra y Libertad. I am sorry to find there such a short mention of l’en dehors and the individualist movement in France, a mention that responds neither to the exact character of my efforts nor to the difficulties I have faced since 1901. You have been more impartial in your works in German. […]

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Benjamin R. Tucker, “Anarchism: Communist or Individualist?” (FR/EN)

Our era demands imperatively an economic solution. No movement of social transformation will gain immense proportions if it does not first satisfy that demand. That is why the “immense movement, truly anarchist in sentiment” that Max Nettlau proclaims as “absolutely indispensable well before the question of economic remedies arises” appears to me absolutely impossible. […]

Sébastien Faure
anarchist synthesis

On the Subject of the Anarchist Synthesis (1929)

You have sent me The Anarchist Synthesis, by Sébastien Faure, dated February 20, 1928, and I am sure that you will republish this remarkable document or at least that you will make its contents known to your readers. On that conditions, allow me to put forward some remarks on this subject, which is certainly of a capital interest for the anarchist movement in all nations. […]

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Roads to Anarchism: Introduction

Max Nettlau’s work as a theorist of anarchist development, based in his extensive work as a historian of the movement, found expression in a long series of short articles (some of which are being assembled in a collection called New Fields, forthcoming from PM Press.) But he also produced three longer works addressing the question of anarchism’s progress, or lack thereof, and future prospects: […]