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Contr’un Collections:

  1. Toward an Ungovernable Anarchism
  2. Self-Government and the Citizen-State
  3. The Anarchic Encounter
  4. There & Back Again
  5. Ask Me Anything
  6. God and the State
  7. Anarchy and Democracy

Mutualist Classics:

  • Sidney H. Morse, “Liberty and Wealth” (1884)
  • Sidney H. Morse, “Ethics of the Homestead Strike” (1892)
  • Herman Kuehn, “The Problem of Worry” (1901)

Proudhon’s Social Science

The posts in this series will consist of a fairly wide-ranging exploration of some of the principles of Proudhon’s thought and their application in the present. As it seems appropriate, I will be including or linking to posts from the Contr’un blog that seem to advance the study.

  1. Property and Theft: Proudhon’s Theory of Exploitation
  2. All Actors Are Collective Actors: The Unity-Collectivity
  3. Equality and Justice
  4. Reciprocity [coming soon]
  5. Special Agent: The Free Absolute [coming soon]
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