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Ravachol spent his life as a sort of criminal jack-of-all-trades—smuggler, counterfeiter, grave-robber, murderer, bomber—and then, at the end of that career, was made a secular saint, “the violent Christ of anarchy.” And he was hardly the only one of the illegalists and attentateurs who was subsequently mythologized. Indeed, in the long war between anarchists and the agents of capitalism and the state, mythology has been a tool used on both sides. The items collected here are drawn from that war and are part of a literature in which history and myth are often inextricable. The collection includes items previously contained in the archives Relics of Saint-Ravachol and A Beautiful Nihilist.

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George Etiévant:

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Emile Henry:

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A Beautiful Nihilist:

General & Introductory

Mlle. Achristoff

  • “The Nihilist Rebellion” (1879) [coming soon]

Sophie Bardin

Vera Figner

Mme. Frowdeinki

Gesya Gelfman

Olga Gobieslawska

Olga Gontcharenko

“The girl Goukoffski, aged 15”

Sophie Gunsberg

Olga Ivanovsky

Wanda Krahelska-Filipowicz

Olga Lubotovitch

Sophie Perovskaya

Vera Sassulitch

Misc. Clippings




  • Oscar Wilde, Vera; or, The Nihilists (1881)
  • Stepniak, The New Convert (Novoobrashchennyi)(1897)



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