A Female Nihilist (Olga Ivanovsky, 1891)

A Female Nihilist.

Some farther particulars have been gleaned regarding the young girl who is being tried at the present time, with four other persons, at St. Petersburg for being concerned in revolutionary schemes. Her name is Olga Ivanovsky, and since leaving school she bas been studying medicine. According to the Galignani Messenger it has also been ascertained that one of her intimate friends was Sophie Gunsburg, who was tried among the first batch of prisoners and sentenced to death. Mlle. Ivanovaky’s arrest occurred under the following circumstances: About a month ago the police authorities received an anonymous communication which directed their attention to the house belonging to the Holy Synod, situated on the Liteinaia Prospect. Acting on this information a party of police and gendarmes visited the house and searched it thoroughly. In the apartments occupied by Privy Councilor Illinsky, director of a department in the Holy Synod, they discovered a quantity of proclamations, manuscripts in cipher, some dynamite, and a great number of letters belonging to M. Illinsky’s niece, who was no other than Mlle. Ivanovsky. The letters showed that she carried on a very extensive correspondence with Nihilists living abroad or in the provinces of Russia and the young lady was arrested forthwith. M. Pobedonotseff, Procurator-General of the Holy Synod, who was staying in the Crimea at the “time, was immediately called back to St. Petersburg, and his assistant, M. Saber, received a similar summons. The correspondence found in M. Illinsky’s rooms furnished the police with the names and residence of Nihilists for whom they had long been searching, and they began making a series of arrests which are even now still going on in different towns of the empire. As the names of high ecclesiastical functionaries are concerned in the affair, ail the arrests and the judicial investigations in connection with the case have been conducted with the utmost secrecy. In the course of the trial it has been established so far that daily meetings of Nihilists, at which Olga Ivanovsky presided, were held at the house in the Liteinaia Prospect, at hours whan M. Illinsky himself was taken from home by the affairs of his office.

Daily Alta California, Volume 84, Number 39, 8 February 1891 10.