One for the road?

I’m contemplating a research “tour” in the fall, gathering up some missing pieces for various current projects and surveying the possibilities for some longer-term work. By that time, I will have at least Anarchy and […]


Gesya Gelfman (1852-1882)

[aka Jessy Helfman, Hessy Helfman, Hesse Helfman, Hesia Helfman] Gesya Gelfman at Wikipedia “A Horrible Story” (1881) JESSY HELFMAN, THE HUMBLE MARTYR [From Stepniak’s Underground Russia] There are unknown heroines, obscure toilers, who offer up […]

Saint Ravachol

Mentioned in passing

“Achristoff, the 17-year-old priest’s daughter, who made love to the detective Lavroffski, in order to betray him into the hands of the nihilists…” “Victoria Goukoffski, daughter of a medical dispenser of Odessa, who, on hearing […]