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Lewis Masquerier in “The Free Enquirer” (1834)

Dear Sir,—I have received the Free Enquirer, and herein enclose you five dollars. I betrayed great ignorance when I wrote for it, last winter, but I had then just waked in my morn of reason, from my night of superstition; and living in these frontier regions, I was not certain that there was a liberal press in the Union. […]

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William B. Greene, “Equality” (Worcester Palladium, 1949)

This series of articles from The Worcester Palladium would be incorporated into Equality (1849) and Mutual Banking (1850), which would, in turn, become the basis for the subsequent editions of William Batchelder Greene’s Mutual Banking. The first did not actually appear in Equality, but became the “Introduction” to the later book, where it appeared with only very minimal changes. The other two installments did appear in Equality, with a few revisions in the second and some fairly significant revisions in the third. Returned to their original sequence, with their original conclusion restored, aspects of Greene’s craft become apparent, as the parallels between the sections are clearer and the wide breadth of material addressed appears considerably less random. […]


Journal: June 16, 2018

[one_third padding=”0 10px 0 0px”][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”0 0px 0 10px”] AN ERA OF REFLECTION: For the last week, my research has been focused very much on the 1920s, right at the end of the period that […]