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L’Œuvre Internationale des Editions anarchistes in “La Revue Anarchiste” (1924-1925)

Every manifestation of anarchist propaganda—by speech, by writing, by action—must therefore have a global impact and a universal significance.

In practice, this is not the case and, as a result, anarchists are only informed about anarchist movement and action in the countries where they live and are little, badly or even completely uneducated about what happens in other countries.

One of the causes of this regrettable state of things — and it is not the least of them — is the diversity of languages. […]

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Proposal for an Anarchist Survey

Anything that might have been said then about anarchism’s internal diversity and anarchists’ uneven knowledge almost certainly falls far short of the present reality. So it is worth asking whether it is once again time to make the attempt to consult among ourselves regarding some basic aspects of our present anarchist reality. My own sense is that the time is indeed again ripe, so I want to simply push forward and propose a first set of basic questions, which might be expanded or amended, then distributed and translated, so that the collected responses might serve as a resource. […]