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A NEW PROUDHON LIBRARY (Draft translations)

Application for the Suard Pension (1837) (text — last revised July, 2017)

Psychology (unpublished manuscript, 1838) (text — last revised November 2022)

The Celebration of Sunday (1839) [revision pending] (pdf — last revised November 2023)

What is Property? (1840)

Warning to the Proprietors (1841) [text — last revised March, 2023]

Explanations Presented to the Public Prosecutor on the Right of Property (1842) [revision pending] (text — last revised 2012)

The Creation of Order in Humanity (1843) [translation in progress]

The Miserere (1845) (text — last revised March 25, 2023)

Revolutionary Ideas (1848) (selected articles)

The Right to Work and the Right of Property (1848) (text — last revised April 2023)

Solution of the Social Problem (1848) (text — last revised March, 2023)

  • The Revolution in 1848
  • Democracy

The Organization of Credit and Circulation

  • Program

Bank of Exchange (1848) (translation in progress)

  • What is Property? (text — last revised March, 2023)

Articles from “Le Peuple” (1849)

Acts of the Revolution (1849)

The Present Utility and Future Possibility of the State (1849-1850)

  • Sixth Article (text — last revised December 2014)

Economy (1850-1855)

  • The Extremes [draft]
  • Principles of the Philosophy of Progress [text — translation in progress]

Philosophy of Progress: Program (1853) [revision in progress] (pdf — last revised 2012)

“What, Finally, is the Republic” (manuscript, c. 1858) (text — last revised May 2.2023)

How Business is Going in France and Why Will Have War, If We Have It (1859) [text — in progress]

Justice in the Revolution and in the Church, Revised Edition (1860)

  • Popular Philosophy: Program (revised September 1, 2023)
  • Preliminary Address (revised September 1, 2023)
  • First Study: Position of the Problem of Justice (revised September 1, 2023)
  • Second Study: Persons (revised September 1, 2023)
  • Third Study: Goods (revised September 1, 2023)
  • Fourth Study: The State (revised November 1, 2023)
  • Fifth Study: Education (revised November 1, 2023)
  • Sixth Study: Labor (revised November 1, 2023)
  • Seventh Study: Ideas [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Eighth Study: Conscience and Liberty [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Ninth Study: Progress and Decadence [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Tenth Study: Love and Marriage [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Eleventh Study: Love and Marriage (continued) [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Twelfth Study: Of Moral Sanction [draft complete; revision pending]
  • News of the Revolution: Of the Pornocracy in Modern Times [draft complete; revision pending]

Theory of Taxation [translation in progress]

The Sworn Democrats and the Refractories (1863) (pdf — last revised May 4, 2023)

Political Geography and Nationality [translation in progress]

Guarantism: Theory of Property [revision in progress]

The Federative Principle [translation in progress; Part Two: draft complete]

France and Rhine [translation in progress]

Supplemental texts:

  • Eugène de Mirecourt, The Contemporaries: Proudhon [revision in progress]
  • Eugène de Mirecourt, Lettres de Monsieur P.-J. Proudhon
  • Jenny P. d’Héricourt, Woman Emancipated [draft complete (Vol. 1, Vol. 2); revision pending]
  • André Léo, Woman and Mores [draft complete; revision pending]
  • Juliette Lambert, Anti-Proudhonian Ideas (2nd Edition) [translation in progress]
  • Léon Walras, L’Économie politique et la justice
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