Proudhon Library Projects

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The next phase in the organization of the Proudhon Library archive is a series of projects, with the goal of establishing more clearly the development of Proudhon’s though, particularly in the later works. These are long-term, exploratory projects, often focused on the notebooks and unpublished fragments, so expect that they will all advance by fits and starts as relevant material is unearthed.

  • Proudhon’s Social Science — Goal: To summarize key principles of Proudhon’s social scientific theory.
  • Principles of Nationality and Property — Goal: To establish French texts and English translations of the theoretical portions of Proudhon’s writings on Poland, including Theory of Property.
  • Proudhon on Property — Goal: To gather the earlier writings on property, completing and correcting translations. (coming soon)
  • Essays in Popular and Practical Philosophy — Goal: To survey the works and fragments of works, published or unpublished, composed for the series “Essais d’une philosophie populaire” (including the Belgian edition of Justice in the Revolution and in the Church), which was retitled “Essais d’une philosophie pratique” (War and Peace, Theory of Taxation.)
  • The Opposition of 1863/Electoral Balance-sheets — Goal: To survey the works and fragments of works, connected to The Political Capacity of the Working Classes, addressing the state of the “Constitutional Empire” of Louis-Napoleon. It appears that some of the texts with the title “Opposition of 1863” are also labeled as part of the “Poland” study.
  • Continuation of The Stock-Exchange Speculator, New Manual — Goal: To identify the possible contents of this work, a collaboration with Georges Duchêne, listed and described among the Œuvres Posthumes. (coming soon)

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