Working Translations

Sylvain Maréchal, ” Prometheus” (1788)

Thus far, the mythologists have misreported the allegorical history of Prometheus. Here are the facts: that ingenious artist of antiquity, having kneaded clay in water, made from it several figures of men, which he animated with the elemental fire. He took great pleasure in his work, like a father in his children. […]



Simplisme / Simplism 3. du SIMPLISME ou cause de la cataracte. Ce reproche de cataracte intellectuelle, adressé à un siècle savant sur divers points, pourrait sembler indécent si je ne l’étayais de preuves très-palpables. Je […]

Working Translations

Paraf-Javal, “Authority” (1907)

To date, all societies have been established according the principle of authority. Even what we mistakenly call socialism is as form of this principle. The delegation of its powers to a minority charged with distributing everything in the best interests of the collectivity (collectivism), amounts to an abandonment of its rights. The comrades who distribute will be privileged, governors and oppressors, while the others will be exploited, governed and oppressed. […]

Working Translations

“Protest of the Mutuellistes” (1834)

The Society of the Mutuellistes of Lyon, placed by the mere fact of their will outside the political circle, thought they should fear not aggression on the part of the men in power, when the law against the associations came to reveal their error to them; that monstrous law, a work of the most savage vandalism, violating the most sacred rights, orders the members of that society to break the links that unite them and separate! The Mutuellistes have had to investigate and deliberate. […]