Anarchist Encyclopedia

L’Œuvre Internationale des Editions anarchistes in “La Revue Anarchiste” (1924-1925)

Every manifestation of anarchist propaganda—by speech, by writing, by action—must therefore have a global impact and a universal significance.

In practice, this is not the case and, as a result, anarchists are only informed about anarchist movement and action in the countries where they live and are little, badly or even completely uneducated about what happens in other countries.

One of the causes of this regrettable state of things — and it is not the least of them — is the diversity of languages. […]

New Proudhon Library

P.-J. Proudhon, “How Business is Going in France…” (1859) (translation in progress)

Our goal is to teach the people, in a series of publications of which we give today the specimen, to know, through the observation of phenomena and with the help of the light that every man carries in his consciousness, the reason and unreason of things; to form thus, regarding all the objects of nature and of society that interest him the most, a set of correct ideas and, for all the circumstances where freedom intervenes, principles of action that do not mislead it: all philosophy is contained in these. […]