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Joseph Déjacque before the court, 1849

POSSESSION OF MILITARY ARMS AND MUNITIONS. — Joseph Dejacques, a paper-hanger, condemned to transportation for participation in the insurrection of June 1848, and pardoned last May, appeared today before the magistrates’ court (7th chambre), presided over by M. Jourdain, for possession of two cartridges, several flints and a dozen caps. […]

equitable commerce

Equitable Commerce in 1849

[two_third padding=”0 10px 0 0px”] January 17, 1849 Lecture by Josiah Warren. People’s Sunday Meeting.—The usual discussion next Sunday will be suspended in order to allow Mr. Josiah Warren, lately of New Harmony, (Ind.,) an […]

Blazing Star Library

William B. Greene, “Equality” (Worcester Palladium, 1949)

This series of articles from The Worcester Palladium would be incorporated into Equality (1849) and Mutual Banking (1850), which would, in turn, become the basis for the subsequent editions of William Batchelder Greene’s Mutual Banking. The first did not actually appear in Equality, but became the “Introduction” to the later book, where it appeared with only very minimal changes. The other two installments did appear in Equality, with a few revisions in the second and some fairly significant revisions in the third. Returned to their original sequence, with their original conclusion restored, aspects of Greene’s craft become apparent, as the parallels between the sections are clearer and the wide breadth of material addressed appears considerably less random. […]


Jeanne Marie, “Revelation” (1849)

[“Jeanne Marie” (probably Jenny d’Hericourt) also contributed this poem to l’Opinion des Femmes. A literal translation follows.] Révelation. Mère, comme il fait froid! la terre est toute blanche; Le mont, déjà trois fois, a roulé […]

The Sex Question

Jeanne Marie, “On Woman” (1849)

[The articles by “Jeanne Marie” in l’Opinion des Femmes have been attributed to a number of people, including Jeanne Deroin, but the most likely identification seems to be Jeanne-Marie-Fabienne Poinsard, aka Jenny d’Hericourt.] On Woman […]