E. Armand’s Individualist Anarchist Initiation

I’ve started posting consecutive sections from E. Armand’s The Individualist Anarchist Initiation on the Libertarian Library blog. I started translating back in October, with the section on reciprocity, and promised at that point to begin at the beginning and work my way through the book. A number of things have intervened, most of them exciting and worthwhile, like the Bakunin project (about which there should be more news soonish), but here we go:
  • Some lines of introduction
  • Sketches of the Social Environment

[2018 update — See the link above for the translations.]

It’s a big book, with 279 numbered sections, and an introduction, which range from a paragraph to several pages in length. I’ll undoubtedly be skipping around a bit, just to keep up the translation pace, but at least for the time being I’ll be posting completed sections to the blog in order.

It’s been nice to see the enthusiasm with which the translations of Armand have been met. A friend and fellow-translator informs me that a short collection of Armand translations is due out soon, and Armand’s name was at the center of several recent conversations about collaborative translation, so perhaps we can finally start to make a real start at making his extensive body of writing available in English.
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