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Alceste, “Louis Moreau, Engraver” (1923)

A serious or charming illustrator of daily labor, wanting to bring into the life of the humble a little hope and a bit of the ideal, Louis Moreau, with a big heart overflowing with kindness and justice, strives to stylize in a few sober notations the touching environment where the workers work and live. […]

Working Translations

Albert Soubervielle, “Vivre / To Live” (1923)

Most people submit, blissfully follow the path that was laid out for them beforehand, disputing nothing and taking their place in the ranks assigned to them in the herd. They are perfect citizens, respectful of the catechisms taught and the laws imposed, but we could not see in them beings living according to nature and reason. […]


l’en dehors (1923)

l’en dehors 2 no. 5 (mid-January, 1923): J.-V. Bennis, “L’Egoïsme,” L’En dehors 2 no. 5 (mi-Janvier 1923): 1. [A translation of John Beverley Robinson’s “Egoism.” The pseudonym is, for the moment, a mystery.] Alba Satterthwaite, […]