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Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers

Works in the archive: From the Anarchist Encyclopedia: Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers [tag feed] Contributions to l’en dehors: Gerard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Les vrais révolutionnaires,” L’En dehors 1 no. 2 (mi-Novembre 1922): 2. Gerard de Lacaze-Duthiers, [“L’étiquette […]

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Ovide Ducauroy (1887-1953)

Ovide, “Soliloque bénévole,” Par-delà la Mêlée 1 no. 8 (25 Mars 1916): 3.Ovide Ducauroy, “Pour satisfaire mon égoïsme…,” Par-delà la Mêlée 1 no. 13 (mi Juillet 1916): 4. Ovide Ducauroy, “La liberté absolue,” Par-delà la […]

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Margins and Problems: Enter the Anarchist

The 1840s opened with a bang, with Proudhon’s declaration: je suis anarchiste. When we’re examining the conditions of possibility for various possible anarchisms, the emergence of anarchist as a role or identity, a means of self-identification, is undoubtedly a moment that will be hard to top. We have seen the various contexts in which libertarian analyses had already emerged—and the degree to which they were emerging from analyses of the mechanisms of government and authority, whether it was a question of the deconstructive reading of someone like Thomas Skidmore or the alleged mental lapse of P. W. Grayson. Something anarchistic was apparently in the air, but it was a decisive step to give it a name—and what a name!—and also to claim that name as a position within the field of social systems. […]

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E. Armand, “L’Individualisme de la Joie / The Individualism of Joy” (1924)

A painful misadventure had just befallen me, to which I owe the addition of some new wrinkles. It was not the first time in my life that I have, as the saying goes, “left some flesh among the brambles.” But this time, I felt that I risked leaving more than my fleece or my blood: I risked leaving my love for the joy of living. And that is serious. It is the worst that can happen to us, to you or to me, to no longer feel love for the joy of living. It matters little if we lose our reputation or our money, or the esteem of those around us, or, in the worst case, our liberty (and that is still a terrible thing.) But there is no loss that can compare to those of the love of the joy of living. […]