Notes on An-archy (Carnet No. 9)

[from Carnet No. 9]

[19] Revolutionary practice. — The great principles of society are principles of DIRECTION, rather than of application. So obviously we must act in politics as if we were pursuing the complete destruction of all government, not as if, presently, every governmental force must cease.

Similarly [in the case of], property is theft…

Similarly [in the case of], God is the Devil…

Similarly [in the case of], Association, the salariat, etc., etc.

No authority either of government over man; it is the law of direction! — Thus, simplification, repeal of the laws, abrogation of authority, greater and greater liberty.

But we have a party, wretches, conspirators, charlatans, poor clods, whose protection and guarantee is maintained by the government. —

— Girardin pronounces the phrase abolition of the State. There is L. Blanc completely demonetized.

No more State: that is my cry! No more Government: it is synonymous! It is difficult not to recognize that all these formulas,

No more president,

No more representatives,

No more delegates,

No more Authority,

No more State,

No more Government,

} = An-archy

are perfectly synonymous, and are the exact translation of that Greek word An-archia

No more Government

That word An-archy, so slandered by the governors, and cast at the people as a sign of terror, is the proper word, the only admissible one, precisely because of its correlatives, Mon-archy and Olig-archy, or demo-cracy, auto-cracy and aristo-cracy. —

No, not even the direct Government of the People, for it is always the government of some people. —

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