A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader, etc

Iain McKay (An Anarchist FAQ) has proposed a Proudhon reader to AK Press, and they seem enthused enough to have posted something about it on their UK site. He has posted his tentative ideas about works to be included and organization for the volume at the Anarchist Writers blog site, including some of my notes about the relative importance of Proudhon’s works. There are important questions to be answered, in order to provide the most useful slice of a very large body of work. It would be useful to hear from a range of potential readers, so pass on any thoughts you have to Iain, or to me.

Along similar lines, Crispin Sartwell and I have renewed our collaboration (which suffered for a year or so from a lot of inconvenient “life” stuff) with a series of relatively low-priced print-on-demand anthologies, including the largely-assembled Josiah Warren as our goal. I would love to hear what hard-to-find material would be of most interest, and which of those things you know are out there, somewhere, on the net you think you would actually read, if it was just a matter of pulling the book off a shelf.

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  1. I’d definitely be interested in the Warren Reader. As was brought up on one of the LL lists, I would also like to see an SEK3 reader. I’d be willing to help with this endeavor, but I don’t think that I am the best person to spearhead it.

    I’ll try to think of some more names, but I am completely drawing a blank right now.

  2. I would, also, love to own a collected works Of Warren especially if it included some biographical and text commentary from enthusiasts. I would also be very interested in a similar collection done on the works of Gertrude B. Kelly.

    I have been transcribing her articles found on the libertarian-labyrinth.org Liberty archives.

    If that could be of any use to anyone I would be happy to step up its pace and share to one and ALL.

    I am also willing to donate modestly and periodically to support this and other endeavors.

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