l’en dehors (1923)

l’en dehors 2 no. 5 (mid-January, 1923): J.-V. Bennis, “L’Egoïsme,” L’En dehors 2 no. 5 (mi-Janvier 1923): 1. [A translation of John Beverley Robinson’s “Egoism.” The pseudonym is, for the moment, a mystery.] Alba Satterthwaite, […]


Poem-a-day translation progress

APRIL: We Deny All Masters Exosthène—one section My Muse Regrets A Curious Dream Sketches The Sinister Passion Selfish Thoughts Songs of the Immured Perspective (Response to “Perspective”) Refractories! (Bizeau) My Desires! Work Tomorrow A Wall […]


Voltairine de Cleyre, “Justice is Blind” (1891)

Aye, and deaf and dumb in Kansas! For what, save utter deafness to all justice, could lead a judge to so far forget the dignity of authority as to sentence any living being without first asking the question: “Have you anything to say which sentence should not be pronounced against you?” True, the question is often a farce. I venture to say that not once in five hundred times is the sentence altered thereby; but true also we are treading upon dangerous times when judges no longer respect even the form of justice. […]