Trajectories: Proudhon and Property

I’ve been working on bookbinding and papermaking as much as property theory lately, trying to put together the first two issues of “The Wing: A Journal of Attractive Industry” (a very nuts-and-bolts, often how-to zine on environmentally responsible, craft-based micro-enterprise.) But I’ve also been working on the revision of Tucker’s What is Property? translation, and grappling with some issues raised by that and the research for the “Property is Impossible” posts, and that’s sent me back through the last two years’ worth of work on the property question, which really all grew out of the first Proudhon seminar.  I compiled this list of key posts for my own purposes, but others may find it useful as well.

From the “What is Property?” Seminar:

Other posts:

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    1. “But I’ve also been working on the revision of Tucker’s What is Property? translation”

      Depending on the revisions, it may be possible to include some (or all?) of the key ones in “Property is Theft!”

      I’m waiting for the proof-reader to finish their task and I’ve got a few changes to make, so I may be able to squeeze some more in. I’ve already revised some of “What is Property?”, “System of Economical Contradictions” and “General Idea” to bring them more in line with Proudhon’s original text, so a few more would not go amiss…

      I’m currently writing the blog to go with the extracts from “General Idea” — I’ll be covering many things, including the comments by Marx and Engels on the book. As will come as no surprise, they misrepresent it (Engels particularly, in “On the Housing Question”).

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