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Marius Jean (1887-1973)

Links: Dictionnaire des anarchistes Bianco Bibliography: Jean Marius, “Etre anarchiste,” L’En dehors 6 no. 108 (début Mai 1927): 3. Marius Jean, “Eux et nous,” L’En dehors 6 no. 113-114 (fin Juillet 1927): 2. Marius Jean, […]

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Jean Marius, “Etre anarchiste” / “To Be Anarchiste” (1927)

For me, to be anarchist is to reject all external authority. But that does not imply the absence of all ethics. While its sense differs from that of the masters and shepherds, we do, however, have our own ethics, since we desire that individuals mutually insure the greatest possible sum of pleasures and happiness without encroaching on the liberty of other; since, to constraint, we oppose liberty. […]

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Marius Jean, “The Anarchists’ Ideal” (1929)

As a passionate lover of truth, beauty and liberty, the anarchist struggles for the establishment of an environment within which individuals would be free from all constraint and all authority outside of themselves, an environment in which each individual could rid themselves of all the metaphysical ideas to which, even today, they feel bound to sacrifice themselves. […]