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Anarchist Encyclopedia: Archies (Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers)

This ending designates the different powers that exercise authority and command in society, powers that are harmful from every point of view, incapable of insuring true order, whether it is a question of monarchy (monos, one alone), power left to the arbitrary will of one individual, or of oligarchy (oligos, few in number), the power of a clique (an olig-archy of businessmen, politicians, soldiers, etc…, enslaving the world to its whims, — one hundred tyrants instead of one), or of all the archies past, present and future. […]

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Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers

Works in the archive: From the Anarchist Encyclopedia: Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers [tag feed] Contributions to l’en dehors: Gerard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Les vrais révolutionnaires,” L’En dehors 1 no. 2 (mi-Novembre 1922): 2. Gerard de Lacaze-Duthiers, [“L’étiquette […]

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Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “The True Revolutionaries” (1922)

The true revolutionaries have always been, in all times and all countries, those whose minds have been broad enough to grasp the most conflicting formulas, to extract from each of them the portion of truth that they contain and to attempt to reconcile them in a higher harmony. The “revolutionaries” are not always those whom we designate by that name: instead, these often deserve the epithet of “reactionaries,” as their acts entirely justify. […]