Special “LeftLiberty+” Issue of “The Mutualist”

I’m both streamlining the Corvus Editions catalog a bit for upcoming bookfairs and trying to assemble a more focused body of materials to serve as a background for the next couple of issues of The Mutualist. With those goals in mind, I’ve combined the most useful bits of my own writing from the two issues of LeftLiberty with the blog posts I reference, or expect to reference, most often, as a special issue of The Mutualist. The contents are:

  • Mutualism: The Anarchism of Approximations 
  • Mutualist Musings on Property (including “The Gift Economy of Property, etc.) 
  • Note A (by Charles Fourier) 
  • The Lesson of the Pear-Growers’ Series
  • Happy 200th, P.-J. Proudhon
  • The Heart of Proudhon’s Thought
  • A Note on Bastiat and Double Inequality
  • and several additional posts on mutualist property theory

I am simultaneously writing the second and third regular issues of The Mutualist, which explore the property dynamic I’ve sketched out in much more depth, first from a roughly Stirnerian perspective, and then from a perspective rooted in the “communist” work of Charles Fourier, Pierre Leroux and Joseph Dejacque. Getting the Unique situated comfortably in the middle of the Universal Circulus, with some sense of “its Own” intact, has been a lot of fun (of a periodically maddening sort), but it’s not a process that answers well to any pre-established timetable. My goal is to have one more significant piece of the “two-gun mutualist” puzzle ready for each of the upcoming bookfairs, but we’ll all have to wait to see which pieces arrive for which fair.

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  1. Please continue this work; Kevin Carson referenced you in a rare audio interview recently. Your thoughts on Wikipedia are excellent and for that, enjoyable.

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