Hugh O. Pentecost’s “Twentieth Century”

I suppose there are a lot of reasons why important radical publications get neglected. Some of those are a matter of scarcity, or difficulty and cost of access. For instance, The Boston Investigator is largely digitized online, provided you are willing to pay for access through one of the genealogy sites and are up to wrestling information from the rotten interfaces involved. The Twentieth Century, which was originally edited by Hugh O. Pentecost, was mostly microfilmed by the Library of Congress, but it suffers from a different sort of inaccessibility. There have been a lot of periodicals with very similar names, and even if you know what you’re looking for, it can be awful darn hard to find it in the library catalogs. (The Index suffers from very similar “hidden in plain site” sorts of problems.) So, in order to save other researchers a bit of hassle—and to be certain that, the next time I need to track it down, I don’t have to go through my usual hunt—here are some tips on how to find this particular neglected treasure-trove:

Twentieth century.
Publisher: New York : F.C. Leubuscher
Edition/Format: Journal, magazine : Periodical : English
OCLC #: 10960963

[To find things quickly, search on “Leubuscher” as the publisher, or search on “Altruria” as the title (since that was the title of a continuation), and you should get right to it.]

The LOC run is 7 reels:

  • Reel 1 — v.2(1)-8(9) Jan.1889-March 1892
  • Reel 2 — v.8(10)-10(17) March 1892-April 1893 
  • Reel 3 — v.10(18)-12(26) May 1893-June 1894
  • Reel 4 — v.13(1)-14(26) July 1894-June 1895
  • Reel 5 — v.15(1)-16(26) July 1895-June 1896
  • Reel 6 — v.17(1)-19(21) July 1896-Nov.1897 
  • Reel 7 — v.19(22)-20(26) Nov.1897-June 1898
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