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If you look at the side-bar of the blog, you’ll find a poll, asking for input on what sorts of materials I should be giving priority in the Corvus Editions project. I’ve been running a similar poll on Facebook, but would like input from a broader audience. So far, translations seem to be the priority for my FB readers, and my own sense is that translations will continue to be a central focus of the project, so I’ve added another poll, directly below the first, about translation priorities.

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  1. Just to let you know, a few people (some of whom worked on “Property is Theft!”) are working on the rest of “Confessions of a Revolutionary”.

    Not much to report yet, but that’s the plan.

    And if you want to publish bits of “Property is Theft!” as Corvus editions then that would be fine. If you need the word version let me know.

    An Anarchist FAQ

  2. Excellent news, Iain.

    I’ve spent much of the day working on some stuff from the posthumous “Napoleon III” volume, which is uneven, but has some fine, surprisingly straightforward sections on anarchism in it. I think you’ll be interested.

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