Getting collaborative at Collective Reason

Well, I had expected complications in my translating efforts, and they have come already. But the largest complication of the last several days has been of a rather fortunate sort: I have help.

As I’ve mentioned before, there has been a fairly long-running, if somewhat desultory conversation about establishing a collaborative translation site. But there has also been a fair amount of practical tinkering going on as well, and it looks like we have one, and potentially more, projects really moving forward. Collective Reason, which I have been using for some of my work, now has a set of simple tools installed to help facilitate collaborative translation. It’s all very simple, but the present emphasis is on providing a common platform for the translations, which can be used other places and incorporated into spiffier sites.

We’ll be incorporating more tools as needed, and as time allows, but we are “open for business,” so if you’re interested in doing a little translating, or a lot of translating, or in helping to prepare texts for translation, set up an account and subscribe to the general discussion list.

PS: If any of our graphic artists want to design a more serious logo than my temporary graphic, that would be great.

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