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is under the direction of

Sébastien FAURE.

Its Composition is insured by:

anarchist theorists, militants and writers;
syndicalist theorists, militants and writers;
revolutionary theorists, militants and writers;
specialists and technicians without party.

Well-being for all!

Liberty for all!

Nothing by constraint: Everything by free agreement!

Such is the Ideal of the Anarchists.

There exists none more precise, more humane, more lofty.

THE ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPEDIA is not a commercial enterprise; it is a work of libertarian education.

Those who write it and those who publish it have in mind nothing but the satisfaction — which they place above all else — of spreading everywhere the sentiments and convictions that move them and to which they have dedicated their lives.

To all those who, braving the privations, the slanders and the persecutions, work, wherever they are, to assure and hasten the coming of an anarchist society, this work is fraternally dedicated.

THE ANARCHIST ENCYCLOPEDIA is intended for the millions of pariahs, of every nationality, who suffer from the detestable social organization of which they are, materially and morally, the victims. In it, they will find knowledge and they will draw from it the energy they will need when, animated by the Spirit of Revolt, they resolve to free themselves.

“No Gods, No Masters”

All you who are bent under the yoke of the State, of Capital and of the Churches, know that Salvation is within you, all within you, only within you!


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