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      Constructing Anarchisms: How to Participate

      In announcing Constructing Anarchisms as a yearlong workshop, rather than simply as the focus of my activity for the coming year, I wanted to commit myself to a very general sort of availability for a fairly specific kind of educational activity. At the same time, I wanted to encourage others to encourage others to commit to a similar sort of sustained engagement with both the fundamentals anarchist theory and the kind of anarchist history that is the raison d’être for the Libertarian Labyrinth. For all concerned, I think that both the commitment and the specific goal in question are likely to produce useful results, whether it is a question of improving our skills as propagandists for anarchism or of grounding our practice in at least a clearer personal conception of what is at stake.

      So, if you can, please consider coming along for the full journey.

      There are, of course, no requirements in this sort of workshop. If folks want to be prepared to share their vision of anarchism, starting next October, they have the better part of a year to prepare, by whatever means seem best. But for those who want to take advantage of the workshop as an organized event, drawing on whatever expertise other participants can bring, the basic minimum level of participation probably involves reading and considering one blog post each week from me and engaging in whatever level of related discussion is both possible and helpful to their own development. Individuals may take on considerably more than that in any given week—and many of us no doubt regularly already invest more time and effort than that in less focused online discussion. But my goal in hosting the workshop is to provide enough in the weekly posts to allow participants to tackle the final project of elaborating a basic anarchism that they can say is really their own.

      ❦ ❦ ❦

      That said, we’re all busy folks—and nothing about our general situation is necessarily conducive to sustained efforts. And the final project may not be the bit with the greatest appeal for all potential participants. There may be folks who want to know what I’ve been babbling on about this past decade or so, but who are comfortable with their own formulation of anarchism. There may be those interested in the odd bits of history, but not in theory or ideology. And so on…

      I would like those folks to feel welcome to drop in and out of the conversation as individual interest and resources dictate, simply asking them to be mindful of the larger project in process and the varying investments of the various participants.

      And I probably shouldn’t have to say it, but I doubt any of the participants will have much time or energy for trolls…

      ❦ ❦ ❦

      I’ll be posting all updates to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Diaspora and Mastodon. Additionally, there will be some discussion in the following forums:

      And this list may, of course, grow as we get underway.

      ❦ ❦ ❦

      There is no charge for the course, but those who wish to support the effort will find Donate links at the top and bottom of pages in the Libertarian Labyrinth archive. Donations will be applied to ongoing research and generally result in new digitized materials available to all.

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        • There is no formal registration for the workshop. You can begin to participate by reading the material posted here. A schedule/syllabus page will be add in the next day or so, but new content will also be added to the sidebars of most related posts as it appears. And then there will be opportunities to discuss the material on the various social media sites I’ve listed above or in the comments section here on the Libertarian Labyrinth. Obviously, gravitating toward one of the social media forums will provide more interaction, while it is unnecessary if you are primarily interested in self-directed study. We already have folks forming study groups with friends and those declaring themselves free agents with little time for internet chatter.

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