Josiah Warren, “On Mobs” (1863)

Here’s a two-part essay by Josiah Warren, from The Boston Investigator:

Other bits of interest from the Investigator in the early 1860s:

  • Add labor activist John Farrel, of Pennsylvania and then Sonora, California, to the ranks of those promoting the work of Josiah Warren.
  • And prepare yourself for more of Eliphalet Kimball (whose “Civilization—Anarchy” appears here and here.) Kimball turns out to have been fairly prolific, consistently entertaining, and, most significantly, he was unafraid to say that “Anarchy is a good word” in 1862, rather far ahead of the crowd. A New Hampshire physician, he seems to have had an organismic view of society, and as a result viewed the violence that would occur if all laws were eliminated as something like the expulsion from the body politic of “bad humors.”
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