Henry Olerich


One more for the Rogues Gallery: Henry Olerich, one of the occasional contributors to Liberty, and a more regular contributor to The Twentieth Century, is probably best known for his utopian novel, A Cityless and Countryless World, an Outline of Practical Cooperative Individualism. He wrote a number of other works, including Viola Olerich, the Famous Baby Scholar (which has just leaped to the top of my Weird Books by Libertarians must-see list) and Modern Paradise: An Outline Or Story of How Some of the Cultured People Will Probably Live, Work and Organize in the Near Future. Google Patents also has this patent, #1273652, for a Tractor.

You may notice that various of Google’s services now make it more difficult to save or print text or images. Or you may not, as these issues seem to be in semi-constant flux. My sense, though, is that Google, like many of the companies providing online content, is looking for that state of minimal usability, which provides enough utility to users to keep them looking, but prevents them from making “too much” use of the material. I would feel better (though not much better) about Google using its partnerships with university libraries to amass a kind of property in public domain works if the work was not so unbelievably shoddy and error-ridden.

More on Henry Olerich in the near future.

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