Rambles in the Fields — 2022 Calendar

A bit more art and commerce, while I work through some of the twists and turns of Proudhon’s development elsewhere.

I’ve published the first of what will probably be three calendars for 2022, available through the print-on-demand site Lulu. The images in “Rambles in the Fields” may be familiar, since several of them served as feature images during the first run of “Rambles in the Fields of Anarchist Individualism.” All are products of my daily walks, which are themselves an integral part of my work routine, particularly as the pandemic drags on. The neighborhood where I live is near the outer edge of the suburbs, although not so near as it was when I first arrived forty years ago, and still contains interstitial patches of undeveloped terrain, generally in the form of undeveloped park properties.

Over the years, I’ve documented the changing of the seasons and various kinds of natural succession in hundreds of photographs. This year, as I was working out the process in order to publish a couple of anarchist-related calendars, it seemed natural to put together a collection of gently—and sometimes not so gently manipulated images from that stock.

I received copies of the calendar yesterday and am impressed with the quality. The pages are 100# coated stock and the color reproduction is quite good.

A similar collection of images has also been added to my portfolio on Redbubble, where they can be printed on cards, posters, mouse pads, etc.

A calendar featuring revised versions of some of my short E. Armand translations is nearing completion. More on that soon.

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