l’en dehors (1926)

Selected bibliography: L’en dehors, “A ceux qui nous aiment,” L’En dehors 5 no. 73bis (Janvier-Février 1926): 1. L’en dehors, “Pour justifier notre retard,” L’En dehors 5 no. 74-75 (15 Mars 1926): 1. Guepp, “Lamentations—Désire (à […]


Le Semeur (1923-1936)

Selected bibliography: Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Critique des mœurs : L’énergie dispersée,” Le Semeur de Normandie, préparatoire no. (Juin 1923): 3. Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Pensées Libres,” Le Semeur de Normandie, no. 1 (15 Octobre 1923): 2. […]

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Emile Henry — Trial Declaration

Art is an important, but not always emphasized part of the Libertarian Labyrinth project—and has been since the beginning. In the Galleries you can find images from versions of the archive doing back to some of its earliest forms. In the current version of the collection, the digital collages serve as a place to share bits of the fruits of research, beyond the realm of texts and translations, but also as glimpses of the “lost continent” of the anarchist past as it appears to me. […]