Along a Narrow Way — An E. Armand Calendar for 2022

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When I decided to add a couple of calendars to my print-on-demand experiments, the material from the “Rambles in the Fields of Anarchist Individualism” immediately came to mind. The Rambles in the Fields calendar drew heavily on the photographs I had taken for that project. Now, Along a Narrow Way: The Anarchist Individualism of E. Armand incorporates a number of the translations produced for that project.

The E. Armand calendar was inspired the postcards printed by l’en dehors, which were clearly as much vehicles for anarchist propaganda as they were articles of stationary. Like those postcards, the pages of the calendar are perhaps a bit text-heavy—and the texts chosen are not perhaps the subtlest expressions of Armand’s thought. But I wanted—as a first step toward getting a more comprehensive selection of Armand’s writings into print—to draw together a selection of short, direct articles and poems that presented the tone of his egoist anarchist individualism, along with some of the key preoccupations and recurring tropes from his writings. And I wanted to present it in such a way that it paid homage to the original printed sources.

So the calendar pairs some of Armand’s most concise and uncompromising statements with illustrations adapting period materials. All of the translations have been revised for this publication.

You can find a full-sized pdf of the calendar linked in the sidebar. I’m happy to simply share this project in digital form with those who are interested. But the calendars from Lulu are very nice, printed on heavy card, so I don’t think anyone who goes that route will be disappointed. And I won’t say “no” to a few bucks to support the ongoing work.

I have also added several designs derived from the calendar pages to my Redbubble shop, where you can find them on postcards — and some more unlikely surfaces…

Next up for E. Armand, I’m working on a collection of early writings, “On Life and the Pleasure of Living,” and exploring an expanded translation of his collection of prison-poetry, Sous les verrous.

I may also steal the time to put together a similar calendar drawn from the Anarchist Beginnings archive. We’ll see how absorbed I get in the “flashcard” project for Constructing Anarchisms.

You’ll find the revised translations for Along a Narrow Way on the second page of this post.

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