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Guinea-Pig Fleet

Libertatia Laboratories was a short-lived CDR label, featuring my own work and that of various other noise-makers from the fringes of the Bowling Green, OH scene. Whatever their other merits, the recordings are, for me at least, pleasant reminders of the vibrant experimental current of which they were a part.

Hiroshima Tattoo

Winning the Race
Hiroshima Tattoo
Flowers of September

Fire Raids: Tokyo

Prelude: Daytime Overflight
Marianas, Mar 9 / 50-Sec Intervals
The Monotony of Evil (300 Miles of Superforts)
Tokyo (Above the Flames)
Sweep Conflagration
Kototoi Bridge
Identifying the Dead
Stench of Flesh (Fumigate the Bomb Bays)

Fire Raids: Toyama

Target: Toyama
American Ingenuity
VLR (100 Mile File)
Toyama (Ring of Fire)
Mission’s End


eclectic electroacoustic,
found sounds,
naive instrumentation
and interrupted dance music
Sometimes, there’s no why to the music. Something bubbles up, and then something else. racergreen is where the songs go when they’re not about ambient redevelopment or technological risk, or when they don’t rely on the dulcimers or novelty zithers — but racergreen is also where the musical pot keeps boiling, where the new stuff happens and the old stuff gets recycled and recombined.
racergreen is where the fun is.

We Interrupt This Music

other tongue
automatic choke
pinckney deconstructing
and then the fly said
a series of small errors
mozart mangle machine
errors compound
cage transforms


Voltairine: Rough Mixes

If memory serves correctly, these were recorded with an effects pedal, electric dulcimer and the tape recorder on the stereo behind the counter in my old bookstore, on one of those days when there was little traffic, and then imported to my Rev. B iMac and subjected to some very rudimentary clean-up. I’m sure there was more to it than that, but not much more. They were not intended for wider distribution, but became one of the first releases from Libertatia Laboratories—and, to be honest, I’m still rather fond of their “poetry reading from hell” aesthetic.

The Storm
Feast of Vultures: Intro
Feast of Vultures
Life or Death
The Old Shoemaker
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