Guinea-Pig Fleet: Hiroshima Tattoo

A little something from one of the other parts of my life:

When I’m not researching and teaching, I work as a live sound tech and karaoke jockey at a local bar. I also do some electronic music, some of which is at least partially related to the stuff readers here are more familiar with: radical history, etc. Guinea-Pig Fleet is a more or less “ambient” project—but one that serves as a periodical cleansing of the brain when my research on modern warfare, technological risk and the like gets to that overwhelming point. The video below is a very abstract accompaniment to a nearly 42-minute-long meditation on the bombing of Hiroshima. It incorporates segments from the 1945 anti-Japanese propaganda film My Japan, and various still images.

Guinea-Pig Fleet: Hiroshima Tattoo
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  1. I almost listened to the whole thing through, but when I went to post the comment in moved to a completely new page for me to post and turned off the music… too bad, because I really liked it. Ambient enough to make good background music while doing various computer tasks, but dissonant enough to remain interesting. Thanks for posting this.

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