Open Letter on Libertarian Feminism

Stephan Molyneux has recently graduated from shoddy to What is this I don’t even…, with a pair of videos on feminism, which he describes as “socialism with panties.” There is a hopeful part of me that would like to believe that nobody could take “Stef” seriously on his best days—and it is definitely not those we see in these videos—but the rest of me knows better. So I would like to draw attention to “An Open Letter to Stefan Molyneux and Other Anti-Feminists,” written by a group of good folks, including Sharon Presley, Charles Johnson, Nathan Goodman, and Ross Kenyon—and with an increasingly long list of signatories—which does a nice job of actually isolating the arguments in Molyneux’s meltdowns and responding. There are all sorts of curious notions about, and resistances to, feminism in anarchist and libertarian circles, most of which seem to involve shoe-horning a complex bundle of social and philosophical movements into one or another boxes small enough to discard, and the debate in “libertarian” circles isn’t free from some peculiar reductions. But, within that context, this is a useful, and potentially important, response. Give it a look.
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