Anselme Bellegarrigue’s Revolution

Anselme Bellegarrigue published two issues of Anarchy: A Journal of Order. The first issue, the “Manifesto,” is relatively well-known, thanks to a partial translation in Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty and a more recent full translation by Paul Sharkey, which was published by the Kate Sharpley Library. Those familiar with that work will not be surprised by the relentless anti-governmentalism in the second issue, “The Revolution,” but they may be somewhat taken aback by his identification of “The Revolution” with the flux of interests, and his claim that “the Revolution is purely and simply a matter of business.”

I started working on a translation of “The Revolution” four years ago, and have been fairly close to being finished with a rough translation for at least three years. But Bellegarrigue was a writer with a strong, and very individual voice, and I’m glad that I took all this time to wrestle with this particular text. But at long last, the essay on revolution is available in English translation.

There is a short essay on “The Electoral Law,” which also appeared in the second issue. I’ll be making that available, along with a couple of editorial notices, over the next week or so. And I’ve started a complete revision of “To the Point! To Action!!,” which I made available in 2010 in rough form, which should also be available fairly soon.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’m trying to find more anarchist views on spontaneous order and such. This should come in handy.

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