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“Justice” — A Second Attempt

The goal is to translate the twelve studies in Justice in the Revolution and in the Church—and to do so, where necessary, twice, producing translations of both the 1858 first edition and the expanded and corrected 1860 edition. I’m revising my 2009 translation of the 1860 “Program” for about the third time and will I will tackle the extensive notes and “Nouvelles de la Révolution” (which make up two of the six volumes of the second edition) as I complete the relevant studies, including La Pornocratie, which appears in manuscript form as one more of the “Nouvelles” sections and was originally intended by Proudhon to follow the two studies on “Love and Marriage.” […]

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Justice in the Revolution and in the Church: Preliminary Discourse (Parallel English)

These draft translations are part of on ongoing effort to translate both editions of Proudhon’s Justice in the Revolution and in the Church into English, together with some related works, as the first step toward establishing an edition of Proudhon’s works in English. They are very much a first step, as there are lots of decisions about how best to render the texts which can only be answered in the course of the translation process. It seems important to share the work as it is completed, even in rough form, but the drafts are not suitable for scholarly work or publication elsewhere in their present state. […]

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Of Justice in the Revolution and in the Church: Popular Philosophy—Program (1860)

At the beginning of a new work, we should explain our title and our intentions.

Ever since humanity entered the period of civilization, for as long as anyone can recall, the people, said Paul Louis Courier, have prayed and paid.

They pray for their princes, for their magistrates, for their exploiters and their parasites;

They pray, like Jesus Christ, for their executioners;

They pray for the very ones who should, by rights, pray for them. […]

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P.-J. Proudhon, “How Business is Going in France…” (1859) (translation in progress)

Our goal is to teach the people, in a series of publications of which we give today the specimen, to know, through the observation of phenomena and with the help of the light that every man carries in his consciousness, the reason and unreason of things; to form thus, regarding all the objects of nature and of society that interest him the most, a set of correct ideas and, for all the circumstances where freedom intervenes, principles of action that do not mislead it: all philosophy is contained in these. […]