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Auguste Beauchery, “Solution of the Problem of Certainty”

We would have liked to offer the reader a summary, however succinct, of the solution to the problem of certainty provided by M. Proudhon using the serial method; but this serious question—which offers to legitimize our knowledge in an absolute way, which claims nothing less than to demonstrate the certainty of our judgments, which has been declared unapproachable by philosophy, which has been attacked on all sides by the greatest geniuses who have elightened humanity, and which has been abandoned after having watched the most profound intelligences follow one after another in vain, for centuries, and die at the task—cannot be accepted as resolved in a quintessence. […]

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Justice in the Revolution and in the Church: First Study (Parallel English)

The theory of Immanence, while resolving the apparent contradictions of morality, still explains all the fictions of the allegedly revealed system. It gives, so to speak, the natural history of theology and worship, the reason for the mysteries, the biography of the gods. It shows us how religion was born from the preponderance given in society to one of the essential elements of the soul, an element which, sovereign in metaphysics, must remain secondary in practice, the Ideal. It is only of yesterday, and we already owe to it that spark which makes the lights of the old faith pale; slandered excessively, it will save us from the corruptions in extremis of a reaction to despair and a religiosity that is dying out. […]