Bakunin to Proudhon, November 11, 1864

Proudhon_atelier_Nadar_BNF_GallicaNovember 11, Paris

My dear Proudhon – I have just arrived in Paris and I will remain here only a very few days. You friend, and now mine also, Felix Delhasse has given me your address at Passy. I would like to come there to see you. But knowing that you are ill, I did not want to risk the journey before being sure that you would be in a state to receive me. So please inform me or have me informed in a few words, if I should come or not. Address your response to me in a double envelope; the first in the name of

Mr. Kossilowski

56 Boulevard des Batignolles

Ecole polonaise

and on the second put my name.

Your very devoted

M. Bakunin

[Working translation by Shawn P. Wilbur]


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