Alfred B. Westrup, mutual banking reformer

Alfred B. Westrup was one of the mutual banking reformers active in the circles surrounding Liberty after the death of William B. Greene.


  • The abolition of interest a simple problem: the pending crisis the death struggle of a moneyed aristocracy and the labor pains of a new birth to industry. New York : M. Hill, 1897. (18 pages)
  • Address on a new system of money: given at the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Banking : held in the Northwestern University Building, May 23, 1916. [Chicago? : s.n.], 1916.
  • Citizens’ money, a lecture on the “National banking system.” Delivered in Chicago and published in “Liberty,” of Boston, in 1888. San Fran: Equity publishing co, 1890. (21 pages)
  • Citizens’ money, a critical analysis in the light of free trade in banking a lecture by Alfred B. Westrup … delivered in Chicago, Sunday, June 3, 1888, and in Toledo, O., under the auspices of the Society for Economic Inquiry, Feb. 19, 1891. Chicago: Mutual Bank Propaganda, 1891. (27 pages)
  • The Financial problem, its relation to labor reform and prosperity :the principles of monetary science demonstrating the abolition of interest to be unavoidable. Chicago : Mutual Bank Propaganda, 1891. (30 pages)
  • —. 2nd ed.Dallas, Tex. : Pub. by the author, 1886. (32 pages)
  • —. 3rd ed. Chicago : Mutual Bank Propaganda, 1891 (30 pages)
  • The new philosophy of money: a practical treatise on the nature and office of money and the correct method of its supply. Minneapolis: F.E. Leonard, 1895. (192 pages)
  • —. 2nd ed. Chicago : B. Canode, 1915. (174 pages)
  • Plenty of money. A new and scientific plan by which credit in the form of paper money is provided and substituted for credit in the form of goods. New York, L. Weiss & Co., printers, 1899. (13 pages)
  • Plenty of money (a synopsis of the “New philosophy of money”)
    A new and practical plan by which secured credit in the form of paper money is provided and substituted for unsecured credit in the form of book accounts. 2nd ed, rev. Chicago, Ill., 1915. (28 pages) [with Mrs.Maud Denning Westrup]
  • Sex slavery: an essay presenting some practical helps for the perpetuity of happiness after marriage, the borning of better babies and how parents should deal with their children regarding the question of sex in accordance with the doctrine of egoism. Chicago, U.S.A. : By Alf. B. Westrup, 1914. (39 pages)


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