A New Two-Front War?


Now that Hurricane Katrina has probably killed thousands of Americans and threatened our oil supply, I suppose that we can expect the Bush administration to formally declare the War on Mother Nature. This unprecedented attack–for which there was, as in some other cases, some precedent and plenty of warning–should simplify things considerably for the administration. Assaults on the environment need no longer be justified. Right-thinking citizens will, in fact, demand that the government take action to subdue this newly-revealed enemy. There are precedents now, and we need to show that, once again, these colors don’t run–even when very, very soggy. That a “War on Nature” (or shall we call it something like a “a global struggle against violent inclemency” from the outset?) isn’t likely to reduce such destructive acts of nature, and might in fact increase them, shouldn’t deter us. Right? As I said, there are precedents. . .

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