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Constructing an Anarchism: Encounter and Entente

I’m going to tackle two concepts together this week. As an experimental space assembled quickly and redecorated on the fly, “Constructing an Anarchism” has served me pretty well. But it was a space designed for more activity, more encounters with other participants, than it has actually seen—and I would be lying if I said it hasn’t felt just a bit cavernous when I give myself time to think about it. So I want to get the last two components of my anarchism on the table and then perhaps move fairly quickly into the summary. […]

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What is the Anarchist Entente? (1928)

Each tendency makes its own propaganda, each association functioning as it sees fit, each paper expounding its specific claims. No polemics between persons or tendencies. Neither shop competition nor struggles to monopolize. Neither absorption, nor fusion, nor confusion. To each its place its place in the sun, its tactics, its path and its pace, its achievements and its experiences, provided that it does not entail recourse to the State or to governmental sanctions. Peace among us and war to the archists. […]

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E. Armand, “The Anarchist Entente—A Concrete Proposal” (1928)

Let us recognize it frankly and make our mea culpa. The rivalries between tendencies, circles and organizers have poisoned anarchism. There is a means of putting an end to that lamentable state of things, and it is the conclusion of a pact between the newspapers favorable to the reconciliation of the different tendencies of anarchism, by the terms of which they will promise to insert no polemic that is hurtful, abusive or malign, tending to undervalue, harm, prejudice or hinder the development and action of every group, social circle, organizer and publication adhering to the pact. I am convinced that the day when this contract is finalized and held in earnest, something will have changed in the anarchist world. […]

Anarchist Beginnings

Varieties of Anarchist Entente

Proposals: Panarchy: Paul Emile de Puydt, Panarchy (1860) Anarquismo sin adjetivos / Anarchism without adjectives: Acracia: Mutual toleration: Anarchist synthesis: Sébastien Faure, “Propos Subversifs: Les Forces de Révolution” (1921) Voline, “On Synthesis” (1924) Debate in La […]

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Constructing an Anarchism: Synthesis

MAIN PAGE: Constructing Anarchisms Suggested readings: [Week 5 Readings (pdf)] Constructing an Anarchism: Synthesis Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: Self-Government and the Citizen-State Legal Order Authority and Authority-Effects But What About the Children? Bakunin, “What is Authority?“ From […]