Le Semeur (1923-1936)

Selected bibliography: Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Critique des mœurs : L’énergie dispersée,” Le Semeur de Normandie, préparatoire no. (Juin 1923): 3. Gérard de Lacaze-Duthiers, “Pensées Libres,” Le Semeur de Normandie, no. 1 (15 Octobre 1923): 2. […]

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Emile Henry — Trial Declaration

Art is an important, but not always emphasized part of the Libertarian Labyrinth project—and has been since the beginning. In the Galleries you can find images from versions of the archive doing back to some of its earliest forms. In the current version of the collection, the digital collages serve as a place to share bits of the fruits of research, beyond the realm of texts and translations, but also as glimpses of the “lost continent” of the anarchist past as it appears to me. […]

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Constructing Anarchisms: Definitions, Pluralism, Anarchy

One of the ideas driving Constructing Anarchisms has been the notion that “anarchy” and “anarchism” mark problems that it is necessary to return to again and again, that “becoming an anarchist” is an ongoing and arguably interminable project. And, while that idea may not be exactly popular in anarchist circles, it is undoubtedly connected to the widely-shared intuition that we must allow anarchist theory and practice to retain some significant degree of pluralism. We certainly expect anarchy to manifest itself in a variety of ways, to be amenable to discussion in a variety of vocabularies, to be approachable from a variety of contexts, etc.—and we seem to share a sense that denying some similarly protean qualities to anarchist theory and practice would be some kind of fundamental betrayal of our anarchic ideals. Critiques of “absolutism”—specifically connecting anarchism and anti-absolutism—are surprisingly common lately in online debate.  […]


l’en dehors (1932)

Selected bibliography: “Les après-midi de l’en dehors,” L’en dehors 11 no. 222-223 (15 Janvier 1932): i. E. A., “Parmi ce qui se publie : Louis Estève : Le Nudisme, vertige érotico-mystique,” L’en dehors 11 no. […]


l’en dehors (1933)

Selected bibliography “Les après-midis de « l’en dehors »,” L’en dehors 12 no. 246-247 (mi-Janvier 1933): i. E. A., “Parmi ce qui se publie : Georges Duhamel : Tel qu’en lui-même,” L’en dehors 12 no. […]

Working Translations

Catherine Campoursy, “Joie de vivre / Joy of Living” (1933)

To appreciate life, to taste with joy, even with delight all of the infinitely brief and fleeting moments, the succession of which forms the weft of our existence, to feel a pleasure in starting each new day; this is the only way of being desirable for an individual who has killed in themselves every germ of mysticism, and who scoffs at all forms of asceticism — holding this practice to be contrary to healthy equilibrium, as the prerogative of nervous temperaments and weak stomachs. If they do not possess this fund of optimism, life, for the free individual, has no reason to exist. […]


Libertatia Laboratories

Libertatia Laboratories was a short-lived CDR label, featuring my own work and that of various other noise-makers from the fringes of the Bowling Green, OH scene. Whatever their other merits, the recordings are, for me at least, pleasant reminders of the vibrant experimental current of which they were a part. […]