Glossary: A Schematic Anarchism

A Schematic Anarchism

Anarchism = (((an + arche)ist)ism)

* * *

We might expect any consistent, well-developed body of anarchist theory to account for at least the following concepts:

The principle of anarchy, understood as an-arche, involving the identification of some fundamental element of existing social relations—archy—and it’s systematic rejection;

The figure of the anarchist, who embraces anarchy, both as a destructive critique of archy and as an opening to new, not entirely foreseeable relations, and seeks to promote and realize anarchy in various experimental practices;

And various forms of anarchism, which are the products of these experiments in the promotion and creation of anarchic visions and relations.

* * *

SUMMARY: “Becoming an anarchist” involves a constantly renewed commitment to two ongoing practices: embracing anarchy and constructing anarchisms.

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