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Arturo M. Giovannitti, “The Constructive Side of Syndicalism” (1907)

Like all the other new theories that have loomed up in the horizon on the troubled waters of capitalist society, or, for that matter, any society whatever, syndicalism is naturally going to be very much maligned, calumniated, and revolted against, not only by those that are not in sympathy with it from the economic point of view, but also from those that are sincere in their beliefs and earnest in uplifting mankind to the higher plane of civilization. It has been ever so throughout history, and it is so today. […]

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Ernest Lesigne, “Socialist Letters” (1887)

I have already told you, my dear friend, that the socialization of the means of production is a dogma; that a dogma is proclaimed, taught, imposed; that it has its faithful, its apostles its sectarians, its priests, its martyrs, and its visionaries; but that it is not opened, justified, demonstrated.

The dogma is by nature mysterious and obscure, and you ask me to throw some light upon it, on the ground that I have taken as my motto, “Whatsoever is not clear is not true.” […]

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Principal Tendencies of “l’Unique” (1956)

The sovereignty of the individual as fundamental principle every demand of the social order. – Denial of the utility of the intervention of the State or of the interference of any governmental institution in the relations or agreements between reasonable individuals. – Development of the critical spirit and of initiative in individual education. – Life as will and responsibility. – Violence (dominism, imposition, exploitation, etc.), brutality, use of physical force or of arms, etc. as source of the evils that overwhelm the individual. – Reciprocity as ethic of sociability. […]