More Lucifer, plus some Liberty

Thanks to Jesse Walker at Reason Hit & Run and the folks at boing boing for making my rather off-hand announcement of the budding Lucifer the Light-Bearer archive something of a hit in the blogosphere. Apparently the interest is out there, so I’ve been adding to the archived issues as time allows: 52 down, and only 1057 issues to go!

I’ve also begun an archive of Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty in pdf form, scanning from John Zube’s microfilm edition. Again, the quality is not perfect, and in some cases is not even particularly good, but hopefully I can put something together to tide folks over until we can arrange a better quality archive. This one will at least be complete, which is more than can be said for at least one of the commercial collections of the paper. You can find text for some of these early issues at Travelling in Liberty. I will be resuming that project shortly, probably with a transcription of John Zube’s contents listing and a proposal for a more collaborative approach to the study which I’ve begun.

With both collections, if you are having trouble reading text make use of the magnification features in your pdf viewer. All of these issues have been scanned at at least 400dpi resolution. As always, if others are interested in helping with scanning or transcription, please let me know. This is our heritage, and the archive of many of the previous attempts to grapple with our basic problems. A comprehensive archive of these old debates might be among the best aids to better quality is our present ones.

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