La Presse Anarchiste

Before I had seriously begun my 2006 archiving push, John Zube mentioned the work of a French archivist, Vincent Dubuc, who had taken on a large-scale digitizing project. It was one of the encouragements to set a target and begin a regular scanning routine. Thanks to the attention that the Liberty archive has been getting (new thank-you‘s to Ken MacLeod and the Anarchism Community on LiveJournal for recent traffic), Vincent got in touch. His site, La Presse Anarchiste, is well worth some browsing time. Regular readers may be particularly interested in E. Armand’s papers, L’Ère nouvelle and L’Unique, but there is plenty to read through. He has also apparently compiled a CD-ROM collection of L’Autonomie Individuelle (1887-1888), a french individualist anarchist paper, due for release this fall. I’ll keep you posted.

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