Misc. notes

Traffic on all my blogs has until recently been little more than a trickle, and recent excitements over the archives of Liberty, Lucifer, the Radical Review, and the Alarm has increased that to, well, a strong trickle. But the increase has been enough to inspire me to install some better counters and spend a little more time analyzing traffic. Someone at house.gov is reading Liberty. Lucifer the Light-Bearer is apparently not such a bad name in the 21st century, judging by the continuing interest in that archive. But about that archive. . .

The editors of Lucifer were apparently consistently unable to keep track of which issue of a volume they were publishing, putting the wrong numbers on issues with surprising regularity, although they seem to have been much more accurate in assigning “whole numbers” to the issues. Perhaps they were simply exhausted each issue after calculating what the date was in the “Year of Love” reckoning which they used. At some point soon, I will be adopting a whole-number system for labeling the pdfs, if only because it has been hard for me to even tell what I have and have not scanned using the volume and issue designations. I’ll try to get a more complete front-page on the site at that point, to minimize confusion.

I’m slowly but surely doing the OCR work on The Radical Review. Text will be linked to the index and posted at From the Libertarian Library. The most recent addition is “Female Kinship and Maternal Filiation,” by Elie Reclus.

Finally, I expect a short interruption of service at the Libertarian Labyrinth site in a week or so, for a week or so. It’s a cash-flow thing. Liberty will still be available via the torrent site, and the blogs will be uneffected.

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