Anarchy in Jamaica Plain, etc.

I had some contact with John Ruch, a writer for the Jamaica Plain Gazette, awhile back. He had seen a letter from William Batchelder Greene to Gen. Benjamin Franklin Butler, posted here. I gave him a general rundown on Greene’s life, and what I knew about his time in Jamaica Plain. His article, “Anarchy in JP,” is now available, and thanks largely to Dan Clore has been getting quite a bit of attention in anarchist circles. John did a very nice job, particularly as there are very few very complete biographical sources on Greene. (You can see my own first attempt at a capsule biography on Greene’s Myspace profile.)

[NOTE: Thanks to an “angel” from the venerable anarchy-list, I’ll probably get through the month without any site downtime. Thanks to everyone who has helped me keep projects rolling through an unexpected lean time.]

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